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10/29/12 7:29:10PM
Strikeforce middleweight Derek Brunson‘s trip to try out for The Ultimate Fighter ended unsuccessfully, but not because he couldn’t make the final cut for the reality show.

According to Brunson, after flying out to Las Vegas to begin filming, Showtime put the nix on his appearance on the reality show due to his existing contract with Strikeforce.

“As all of you know, I tried out for The Ultimate Fighter, made the show, flew to Vegas yesterday, weighed in today, filming was about to start. Showtime Network called and said they wouldn’t release me from my Strikeforce contract,” Brunson wrote on Monday.

“So no TUF for me. I want to thank Fox Network for being such professionals in trying to handle the situation. Back to the drawing board.”

10/29/12 8:40:30PM
Wow that really sucks for Brunson. I doubt there are too many guys out there wanting to sign with Strikeforce because all this contract bs and fighting once or twice a year if you're lucky.
10/29/12 8:51:25PM
if their smart they would stay clear of it
10/29/12 9:37:02PM
I could see Zuffa potentially, just folding Strikeforce now, just absorb the fighters they want into the UFC and release the others, depending on how much longer the Showtime deal is.

Makes no sense that Cyborg is granted his release, but Brunson can't go on TUF. Cyborg is definitely a bigger name than Brunson...
10/29/12 10:47:40PM
Shitty deal for Brunson hopefully the UFC gives him another shot
10/30/12 1:08:02PM
If you are in a contract then you shouldn't be trying out for TUF. (unless of course you have some flexible contract w/a smaller org that allows for something like that.)