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11/10/08 9:22:17AM
according to mma weekly which is my main source for accurate fights

dennis kang will be fighting alan belcher probably on main card

great first opponent to challenge kang,
she should be annoucing it shortly

also palhares will be fighting on the card probably main card as well
don't know who yet but almeida, jason day, mcdonald or ed herman might be possible oppnents!!
11/10/08 9:46:52AM
Sounds like a reasonable fight for both of them.
11/10/08 11:01:19AM
Good test for Kang. Belcher is the type of guy he should be able to beat but who won't be beaten without a strong effort.
11/10/08 6:36:11PM
Awesome pick for Kang best of luck

War Kang
11/10/08 7:10:23PM
Belcher showed some pretty good takedown defense against Herman, well for the most part.
I want Kang to have a good showing, because I think he's capable of big things down the road.
11/10/08 10:16:59PM
you can thank me everyone, cause i told them to put that fight together..

your welcome
11/11/08 11:49:01AM
good warm up match for Kang..although there is a chance Belcher could beat him...
11/11/08 12:06:28PM
I agree, this a good first match for Kang because he's not being thrown to the wolves yet he's facing a guy with legit striking power who could pose some problems for him. I hope Kang has a good showing, i think he'll submit Belcher at some point.
11/12/08 8:58:14PM
Like everyone else I think this is a good first fight for Kang. Should win but Belcher will give him a decent run.
11/12/08 9:17:24PM
perfect first opponent. belcher has better standup but that's it. kang will take him down and sub him.
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