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1/19/09 10:07:42AM
despite losing i was actually impressesd with kang......his boxing was nice and crisp, belcher had nothing offensive wise, course ive never thought for being a striker that belcher was that good....on the ground he dominated as well.....kang just got sloppy and got caught.....i have always thought that cross body takedowns were really not smart, it opens up to obviously guillotine and also makes it easier to fall into guard....but i looke forward to more kang tho....thoughts?
1/19/09 10:25:20AM
Completely agree, I can't wait to see him fight again. He just got sloppy and got caught, it happens. He looked very impressive.
1/19/09 10:29:40AM
Yeah he also got screwd on the quick stand up. But he made a mistake and payed.
1/19/09 11:06:36AM
I'd like to see him back. You win some you lose some, it happens.
1/19/09 11:28:16AM
He did look great, which made it all the more disapointing when he got caught in that guillotine . As stated above though, I look forward to seeing him again, hopefully at ufc 97.
1/19/09 11:53:23AM
He was very impressive in my eyes. I think that Belcher hurt him with a liver kick in the third, and you can kind of tell, because Kang starts retreating the rest of the match, until going for that last sloppy take down.
1/19/09 12:25:46PM
i'm still so pissed that he got caught with that shit. i hope he can get back down to att and start improving in all aspects of the game again. i hope he can come back and show all the ufc fans what kind of fighter he really is. he did look good the other night for 1 round...look for him to do that for 3 next time.
1/19/09 12:35:44PM
man both fighters looked sloppy..everytime Kang threw a could tell he was nervous and Belcher just looked scared..but if Belcher fought Kang the same way he fought Herman..i'm sure Belcher would of landed some major damage on Kang and ended the fight earlier..pretty sure Kang gonna win his next fight same with Belcher..hope they BOTH put on a better show next time...
1/19/09 1:20:52PM
It was an impressive debut for Kang up until getting caught. Dennis pretty much displayed what I expected; great hand speed, quick takedowns, and very active and slick on the ground. Dennis was really close to hitting a rare anaconda choke, but just got a little too loose in the gator roll. It's a favorite technique of Kang's, and you'll find many videos on the net of him demonstrating the move.

Belcher considers himself a striker, and Dennis was beating him to the punch everytime. Actually Dennis was dominating every aspect of the fight. Everytime Dennis took Belcher down, Alan was reaching for the arm-in guillotine, so it's surprising Kang wasn't a little more cautious of it. Right before the guillotine, Dennis was breathing really hard, and after the first round Dennis looked noticably drained. Maybe a little bit of the octagon jitters.

I fully expect Dennis to make some waves at MW still, and his next fight should be a better indicator of just where he stands in the UFC. I'm hoping this time around he will get a chance to train back at ATT.

1/19/09 3:26:31PM
I thought he put on a good showing for his first time out in the UFC, despite the result... Seems like Kang's got all the skill iin the world, but can mentally just assume he's the better fighter in some instances and just goof up... Like Sat with that sloppy TD and no sub defense... Kinda like falling right into Mousasi's triangle in the Dream GP (although I believe Mousasi is a far superior fighter compared to Belcher, no offense meant to Allen and his dumb tattoo)
1/19/09 3:44:46PM
Seemed to go into panic mode and tapped pretty quick.

I called him to lose, but he did look slick.
1/19/09 5:50:48PM
he did look good but thats the second time in less than a year that he has made an awful mistake and got subbed for it. first the mousasi triangle (he did the same move against belcher but didn't get triangled) and now the guillotine, he needs sub defense if he wants to do anything in this division because chances are he will have to go through a submission expert on his way to a title shot because 185 has a lot of them and none are named alan belcher.
1/19/09 10:05:27PM
How about a little respect for Alan for putting him down? Every post is a flakey excuse, give Alan some respect why don't cha? *shakes head*
1/26/09 6:44:00PM
Belcher would've taken the fight earlier if he would've thrown more kicks. Once he started throwing kicks Kang backed off. Belcher has potential to be a champion but i do believe he is a little over confident in his stand up. He's still young as hell and has a bright bright future.
1/26/09 7:01:30PM

Posted by Rollins

How about a little respect for Alan for putting him down? Every post is a flakey excuse, give Alan some respect why don't cha? *shakes head*

Yeah my post probably was one of the more "flakey ones"--probably comes from being a big fan of Kang's. You're 100% on the money though--you are hearing more excuses for Kang, and how he didn't live up to the hype-- rather than Belcher pulling off an impressive sub over a top level veteran. It's even more impressive that he stated stated post fight, that Kang will probably win the first round--but he'll take over in every round after that. So he did exactly what he said he was going to do, and he's a force to be reckoned with.
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