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9/15/07 4:06:06PM
Denis Kang has confirmed signing with K-1 Hero's!
five ounces of pain
9/15/07 4:18:07PM
Nice, K-1 is picking up the guys that UFC should be and in the process they are becoming the next coming of Pride IMO.
9/15/07 4:32:53PM
yeah in a previous interview with k-1 heros ceo, he stated that he will make hero's like PRIDE and will be very aggressive for signing new talent. the upcoming card looks amazing - i think they will be the company to rival UFC in a year.
9/15/07 4:36:59PM
If they were a little more agressive they could easily over take the UFC in most div's. Why? Because they already have the lighter weights, they could get better MW's and they could get better HW's and really good LHW's. They also have alot more money then the UFC, they could take monetary losses to get their name out in the US.
9/15/07 5:29:36PM
Nice , now K 1 can put on better and better cards
9/15/07 5:31:34PM
Who owns and operates K1 Heroes? I was just wanting to know.
9/15/07 7:08:30PM
I love Dennis Kang...currently ranked 3rd on my favorute fighters list...but i'm dissappinted that he signed with K-1. Im happy he's fighting but this move made so much sense for the UFC, thats what pisses me off. We need Middleweights desperately and Kang is young and very well rounded. Great for HEROES, but UFC dropped the ball on this one.
9/15/07 8:01:30PM
Their roster is getting better. Now with a good production and not a show like pride, the could realley compete against UFC.
9/15/07 8:39:04PM

Posted by hotrodttt

Nice , now K 1 can put on better and better cards

Kickboxing giant K-1.
9/15/07 9:10:16PM
K-1 is doing great i love watchin K-1
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