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9/3/09 1:30:34PM
On the comments he made earlier this week in another interview, Kang explained:

“’Beat his ass’ of course, because I’m coming in with the winning mentality, I always come in like that. I’m not going to come in and say ‘I’m going to get my ass beat’, you know what I mean and ‘sack of flesh and bones’ that just means I’m not making the fight personal, he’s just some clone, some human, nameless-faceless human across the octagon from me.”

9/3/09 2:04:34PM
I dont know if this is the best strategy at beating Bisping. Hendo has incredible KO power and I know that Kang has several KO victores but dont think he can do the same to Bisping. Please prove me wrong Kang!!!
9/3/09 2:37:46PM
I think Bisping is gonna be pissed from the Hendo fight. I could see him giving Kang the "Big Bomb"to send some sort of message.
9/3/09 4:01:35PM
Bisping doesn't have the KO power to knock out Kang while on the feet, Hell i don't think Kang has thet power nethier. This fight will be won by a Kang sub or GnP by Bisping. I persoanly would rather have anyone Bisping fights to win, unless his ko loss to Hendo has humbled him (which I highly doubt) Bisping is a big ol' douche and quite annoying.
9/3/09 4:16:43PM
9/3/09 4:23:09PM
if bisping knockouts out kang with one punch i will shave my head bald!!!!!!!!!
won't happen
kang hasn't thrown bombs in years!!!!!!
9/3/09 4:25:44PM
Kang has the edge everywhere, except for footwork and hand speed. I think he can wear down Bisping for three rounds and could submit him.
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