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POLL: first fight?
Chris Leben 9% (7)
Alessio Sakara 14% (10)
Martin Kampmann 22% (16)
Alan Belcher 18% (13)
Kendall Grove 34% (25)
Jorge Rivera 4% (3)
11/4/08 3:02:09PM

Posted by gartface

Posted by RhythmAndStyle

His list of losses post 2002 are quite reasonable, and his last three losses are to three great middleweights (Misaki, Akiyama, and Mousasi). I can't blame him for any of those.

yea but his last three wins were over no namers and cans..u can't give him credit for that...

Not sure I'd consider Marvin Eastman a complete can. He has some pretty impressive wins and also has lost to a pretty nice list of fighters.
I'm expecting good things from Kang. I hope I'm not wrong.

r u serious..Eastman..who has he beaten thats good lately..maybe and i say maybe Terry Martin the only good one that he has beaten lately..everyone else..nope...
11/4/08 4:16:10PM
ricardo almeida
11/4/08 5:37:59PM
give him the gate keeper mcdonald or a ed herman
11/4/08 5:42:57PM
i went with kampman. It would be an exciting fight for sure. The Talent was a close second though
11/4/08 7:23:46PM
I'd throw him in there with Franklin.
11/4/08 7:25:33PM

Posted by bls1919

i went with kampman. It would be an exciting fight for sure. The Talent was a close second though

Kampmann is a welterweight now.
11/5/08 2:55:07PM
Man, i'm so iffy on the signing of Kang, it's good for the sport but i'm not sure if it's great for Kang.
It all depends on which Denis Kang decides to show up.

Kang vs Belcher
Kang vs Leben
Kang vs Reljic (god damn!)

11/8/08 6:08:28AM
Why does every1 want Kendal to fight and lose to Kang??? I'd rather see Grove WIN a few 1st so he doesn't get cut by the UFC. Let Sakarra lose to Kang 1st.
11/8/08 1:14:20PM
I think a guy who will stand with him--like Sakara--is the best fight.

Kang has the chance to be a star for the promotion because of his high skill level and somewhat unique nationality/ethnicity. I wouldn't feed him all easy fights, but I'd definitely give him a chance to look good.
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