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5/2/07 1:21:24PM
It's been forever since this guy last fought, I know he had an injury, anyone have any info. on him and when he'll be back?
5/2/07 2:08:15PM
Looks like he broke his hand in March (11th), so I'm guessing mabe another month or so, to be honest I don't know how long it would take to get back into fighting after breaking you hand... I hope not at least, I love watching the guy fight...

I just checked his website real quick and it seemed like the last peice of news on there was his injury in March... Hope that helps a little
5/2/07 2:09:40PM
5/2/07 2:28:08PM
Thanks guys, I didn't even know he has had a fight since the Misaki fight.
5/2/07 3:46:33PM
a better question is.. WHERE THE F#CK IS AKIHIRO GONO!?!?!

one of my fav fighters..
5/4/07 12:30:07PM
Can't wait to see him in pride again. Kang vs. Filho has to happen
5/4/07 12:40:01PM

Posted by methodman_90

Can't wait to see him in pride again. Kang vs. Filho has to happen

+1 thats in my top 5 dream matches right now
5/4/07 1:07:16PM
I was watching another crappy episode of BodDog in the Bahamas or wherever the hell that beach is... and I saw Denis Kang was the corner man for some of the fighters. So I guess he's busy coaching these days.
5/16/07 11:45:53PM
I love Kang but Filho would dominate. He's way too strong for Kang to handle.
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