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1/17/12 9:52:17AM
What's this? Kind words for Michael Bisping?

The British bad boy, lambasted by fans for his behavior on The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 14, as well as his saliva-to-air missile on Jorge Rivera at UFC 127 last year in Australia, has an unlikely fan in the middleweight division.

UFC on FOX 2 opponent Demian Maia.

The grappling wizard, who faces "The Count" on the network-televised special from the United Center in Chicago, Illinois, on Jan. 28, 2012, has no reason to think bad of his fellow 185-pound contender.

1/17/12 12:06:42PM
Maybe its because Maia aint much for smack talk and Bisping is only when prodded to do so. I'm not much of a Bisping fan but I do believe the guy is making an honest effort to sway the fans opinion of him. Same with Koscheck! That being said Maia by second round sub!
1/17/12 12:28:45PM
Maybe it's opposite day.
1/17/12 1:00:07PM
Respectful, polite, intelligent & Bisping all in the same sentence! what is the world coming to.
1/17/12 1:01:29PM
Does Maia have dual citizenship?
1/17/12 4:16:16PM
in all fairness (i dont like the guy) sometimes bisping comes off as being an ok guy, most of the time not so.. I do think he trys to be nice and get fans to like him, but i think he always ends up doing something stupid that makes them hate him more, or he will put effort into it, and the fans will still boo him and so he is like you know what im trying you faking arse holes so fak you, and goes off on his wild rants and such...
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