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9/2/09 10:30:21AM
I knew the first loss would come one day because I intend to fight for many years. As a matter of fact, though, it happened in a pretty unexpected manner because I was a little bit casual in the stand-up fight. I repeated two kicks. He got my timing down, and, the third time, he came with a straight punch and knocked me down. At the beginning of the fight, everyone is really strong, and I think the referee was right to stop the fight. I stood up well. I had no damage, and that’s most important … But a punch to the chin, like the one I took at the beginning of the fight, is probably the only defeat you cannot make comments about. I cannot complain about anything. Now, I just have to stand up, train hard and be ready for the next challenge.

Former undefeated submission deity Demian (10-1) gathers himself after a first round knockout loss to middleweight contender Nate Marquardt at UFC 102 on August 29 in Portland. The Brazilian was headed for a possible title shot opposite Anderson Silva until a "Great" knockout punch floored him — and any immediate title opportunities. Fortunately Maia isn’t making any excuses and will use the loss as motivation to come back better than ever.

9/2/09 10:59:49AM
9/2/09 11:06:23AM
I am happy he didn't pull a Koscheck.
9/2/09 11:44:12AM
He's too classy to act like a jerk after a loss. This is why everyone loves him.

9/2/09 12:11:01PM
Good words from Maia. I picked Nate for the win but it was purely becouse I think the fight happened to early in Maias career. It sucks for him becouse hed beat most fighters in the UFC, but at this point, I think every time he comes up against a solid striker he could be in trouble.

Few years down the line, some improved stand up and wrestling, I think we've got a champ in the making for sure. I think he could also do with bulking up a little aswell.
9/2/09 1:49:12PM
I think his wrestling is fine. He's had no trouble taking it to the mat so far and he threw Chael Sonnen (sp). It seems like he has the right attitude and I hope it doesn't affect him mentally too much.
9/2/09 2:48:00PM
He has to be of the most humble guys i have ever encountered..

Nasty knockout I loved it
9/2/09 3:00:37PM
I really love this guy. I hope he bounces back from this loss well.
9/2/09 3:02:57PM
I love everything about this guy, he's so classy... can't wait to see him back!
9/2/09 3:06:43PM
Pure boxing training is what he needs.
9/2/09 4:27:57PM

Posted by Giant_Ochai

Pure boxing training is what he needs.

IMO he could stand to hit the weight room as well.
9/2/09 5:59:41PM
Just what the UFC needed, another very classy guy. I like everything about this guys, from his manner in and out off the ring, to his skills when it comes down to fight time. Maia's striking has improved leaps and bounds since he has been training with Wandy and wish he could have displayed his new talents, but unfortunately he got caught to quick to show much. I really think his striking is on point, but when you get drpped that quick it's just that. Marquardt saw and opening and got his punch off end of story. Maia has many years of MMA ahead of him and I think by the end of next year he will be fighting for the MW belt. I'm a little worried for Marquardt now after his last fight with Silva and then calling him out again, we have all seen what Silva does when he gets called out (and hell forest wasn't even the one that called silva out it was managment lol)
9/2/09 7:00:34PM
Maia is going to rebound nicely. I still think he has the highest ceiling of any UFC MW not named Anderson Silva.
9/2/09 8:23:01PM
" and, the third time, he came with a straight punch and knocked me down. "

uhhhhhh not knocked down, KNOCKED OUT !
9/3/09 4:24:40AM
Much respect for Maia!
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