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8/29/10 7:44:23PM
I think this would be a great fight due to both fighters technical mastery of brazilian jiu-jitsu. However, I would think striking would be different in Demian Maia's favor. It would be interesting to see both of these fighters on the ground which there would be way more action standing up.

What do you thin?
8/29/10 8:26:33PM
being that thales leites hasnt been in the top competition for a while id say maia by 1st rnd sub.
8/29/10 9:05:32PM
maia's BJJ is better, and his striking, while being mediocre, is way better the leites'
8/29/10 9:48:53PM
I don't think Thales' BJJ is on Demian's level at all. I'd love to see the match, though!
8/29/10 9:51:34PM
I think Maia against Palhares could swing either way, but i agree with the majority that Leites is outgunned here.
8/29/10 11:32:15PM
Yeah, Leites was pushing for a match with Maia when he was in the UFC. So I guess he sucks now and then huh?
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