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8/3/09 10:36:12AM
And his trainer, Eduardo Telles, tells the TATAME website that will surprise a lot of people at UFC 102, including Maia's foe-Nate Marquardt.

8/3/09 1:01:52PM
He tries to kick and Punch with Nate and he is going to sleep.
8/3/09 1:36:36PM
Wow I would like to see him try and stand with nate we seen what happened to kampman he has way better stand up than maia I think nate is gonna win with a UD with a good chance for a TKO win
8/3/09 1:42:23PM
He was on MMAjunkie and basically said that standing with nate was not the plan so I view this is fight buildup/hype.
8/3/09 2:05:22PM
Maia will win this. He submitted J-Mac, took down Sonnen easily for the sub and was fine in the standup with Quarry. I think hell almost definitely sub Nate
8/3/09 2:29:07PM
Yeah, and i know how to NOT check mmaplayground every 5 minutes.
8/3/09 3:15:48PM
Just because you know how to punch and kick doesnt meen your very good at it.

keep practicing !
8/3/09 6:31:21PM
I have to admit, I've been seriously impressed with Nate since his loss to Anderson... he's gone from one of my least favorite fighters to a guy I look forward to seeing fight... I kimd of see it as the same situation as Koscheck... both seemed to realize that their wrestling was top notch, but didn't gain them too much fan support... so they started to build some serious stand up skills to complement the already awesome wrestling/cardio... and I have to say, I'm impressed with both fighters drive and ability to turn themselvees into wellrounded mmartists...

With all that being said, I honestly don't think this fight is going to stay satanding for too long and Maia has some of the scariest jj skills I've seen in a looong time... kinda hope Maia subs him just so I can say to myself that "he is that sick on the ground"... and see another new challenge for thwe middlewweight kingpin...

That and I really want to saee a Marquardt / Hendo fight.... rightnow!
8/3/09 8:00:25PM
Even though they say he knows how to kick and punch, his stand up is still only so-so...

His ground game is pretty sickly though... had to run to the bathroom and puke after the triangle on Chael Sonnen. That was pure disgusting...

Dun think Nate will go down without a fight, and I like that he's cool and classy, but seriously..

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