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6/20/07 9:12:57PM
I believe he's one of the new up and coming title hopes from Brazil.
He's 11-2 at the moment with one unnecessary loss to Dennis Hallman via DQ in a fight he dominated up until the foul and a TKO loss to Daniel Acacio from 03. A loss he avenged last year.
He's currently on 9 fight win streak not counting the DQ and has wins over the likes of previously mentioned Daniel Acacio, Jorge Patino and most recently UFC veteran Gideon Ray.
His ground game is sick like most brazilian black belts but there's something about him that stands out from the typical brazilian BJJ fighter. He's athletic, he's very aggressive and his stand-up isn't that bad.
I really enjoy his fights in the IFL and hopefully he'll end up in the UFC´s 170 one day because this guy has a bright future ahead of him in this sport.

Do you too believe he's got talent or am I way off here?
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6/21/07 12:49:34AM
In his first fight against Acacio,Heleno was dominating the fight,but in the second round,he was very tired and he could not get back to fight.

I think he is very good,and he is scheduled to fight against Antonio McKee.
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