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POLL: If a fighter pulls out of a card due to an injury that requires surgery, how soon do you think they should have their operation?
Within a week of finding out 21% (3)
Within two weeks of finding out 29% (4)
Within a month of finding out 50% (7)
5/15/11 12:58:08PM
I had posted a video today in the MMA Videos section of the playground titled "Jon Fitch Road to Recovery, Part 1". As you might expect, it chronicles Jon Fitch's on his road to recovery following surgery on his shoulder. This injury forced him out of his immediate rematch with BJ Penn.

What I found interesting in this video, is that from what I could gather, Fitch had his surgery on May 5th, 2011. I had seen the news of Penn-Fitch 2 being off posted on the playground on March 30th, 2011. This lead me to wonder about the timeline of events.

When did Fitch realize he was injured? When did he realize surgery was a necessity? How long did it take him and the UFC to find a doctor for the operation?

Sure, any surgery is not something you want to rush into. It's not like changing the oil on your Honda Civic, where your local mechanic can do a $20 oil change as simply as paying $100 from the dealership. You want to go to a surgeon with a proven track record.

Of course, there are other factors to. I know if I were Jon Fitch, emotionally, I would be a little tore up. He's fought hard in every bout he had in the UFC. Went 8-0, lost to GSP, then went 5-0 before fighting to a draw with BJ Penn, one of the legends in the game. And now, before the rematch for the #1 contender spot, he's got to have surgery and put off his chances at another shot for who knows how long. I would potentially want some mental health time to collect my thoughts.

But having said that, I wouldn't think that it would be 4-6 weeks before getting in to get the injury repaired. And while I don't think the title issue at Welterweight is nearly as big a deal as it is at Lightweight, you would think that someone who is knocking on the door of a title shot would want to get back on that "Road to Recovery" ASAP.

Notice any other fighters doing the same thing? Is it a big deal or not? What do you say?
5/15/11 1:29:51PM
As a fan, obviously I'd like to see a fighter get back to healing and training as soon as possible. It's their career and body though, so those decisions should be left to them, as far as I'm concerned. Not to mention, I'm sure there are circumstances that we are not always privy to.
5/15/11 3:36:42PM
Reason to delay surgery. To allow swelling to go down in the injured area, to see if it will heal on its own, or maybe the doctor he wanted was not available a later date. Plus from a PR point of view justifying a canceled fight is easier when an athlete needs surgery versus an athlete needing some rest and physical therapy.
5/15/11 4:29:46PM
I love the insight guys, awesome posts!!
5/15/11 8:17:37PM
ASAP! As quickly as the doctor determines that surgery is possible and safe.
5/15/11 10:09:54PM
How about when the surgen they are using has a spot for them. Ever have to Schedule one? Its insane. I would be willing to bet that had more to do with it then anything.
5/15/11 11:26:34PM
yea i really couldnt pick any of those options. some surguries cant be done right away or even within a month. it blows because we have to wait for a fighter to comeback after a possible long layoff but its really for the good of the fighter.
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