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11/14/07 11:55:41PM
Here's a new story in the OC Register:

Two “The Ultimate Fighter” winners will meet in the main event of a UFC pay-per-view event for the first time at UFC 78 when England’s Michael Bisping takes on Rashad Evans on Saturday night at 7 at Prudential Center in Newark, N.J.

But UFC president Dana White found himself defending the Bisping-Evans main event and the UFC 78 card during a conference call Monday to hype the event.

Bisping (15-0) is coming off a controversial split decision victory over Matt Hamill at UFC 75 in
England where many believe Bisping was awarded a gift decision in his hometown.

Evans (15-0-1) is coming off a draw against former UFC light-heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz at UFC 73. Evans only got the draw because Ortiz was penalized a point in the second round for holding onto the cage.

The original plan was to have the Bisping-Hamill and Evans-Ortiz rematches co-headline UFC 78. But Hamill and Ortiz suffered injuries in their bouts, so the UFC put together a main event between two undefeated up-and-coming 205-pounders.

“Two winners from two different seasons (of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’) have never fought each other before,” White said. “Not only is it hard to go 3-0 in this sport, but both these guys that are fighting in this main event are 15-0.”

Read the rest of this story with a ton of UFC notes at the bottom:
11/15/07 12:55:35AM
I think it's kinda sad the amount of shit that got said about this show.
Hear me out, I admit, When I heard the main-event I was shocked, But then I thought look at the past few and they haven't been nothing too special,
UFC 75 Rampage V Henderson was a great fight but It didnt have me craving more once it was done. I too understand that it was the fight of their live's and they didn't want to take too many risk's.
UFC 76 Liddell V Jardine Was just hard to watch for me being a Liddell follower.
UFC 77 was fine, Just had to say it.

This will be a good show and I will gladly pay for it!

11/15/07 1:02:03AM
Out of the last bunch of Cards this is probabally the best, it just lacks a punchy easy to hype and interesting Main Event. I'll be watching it, and don't see why anyone else with the opportunity wouldn't. I just wish they would cut out all the fluff and show more fights.
11/15/07 2:11:15AM
from a business and marketing point of view this makes all the sense in the world...2 tuf winners facing off due to the inability to sign the ortiz-evans 2 and bisping-hamill 2 fights is the best they could do at this point...yeah its not main event material but it packs the "TV" punch...2 recognizable faces that help to expose the rest of the card....and the rest of the card seems to be facing no critiscism, if anything its receiving the end the undercard will save face for whatever may or may not occur in the main event....this is a solid card that for once does not possess an unknown quantity....if you are a true mma fan there is not one unrecognizable fighter on the card...the crop it deepens
11/15/07 7:12:35AM
all the main card bouts are going to be exciting and close, you cant ask for much more than that.
11/15/07 11:07:32AM

Posted by nickcuc547

all the main card bouts are going to be exciting and close, you cant ask for much more than that.

Although, I'm not a fan of how they are trying to sell it... They could market Jason Reinhardt vs Doug Evans (before he lost to Huerta), it would be two undefeated fighters, but doesn't really mean shit...

I understand that Bisbing and Rashad have had more exposure and have been tested more, even in the 'B' level comp that they've faced (Bisbing's faced the weaker comp by far)...

But I guess the problem is that Rashad seems like he could very well over power the Count, and this could, quite easily, turn into a boring decision... I really hope I'm wrong, because I do agree, most of the fights seem like they have the potential to be exciting and competitive...

There's no way I'm not watching this event... My old lady's out of town for the night... My best buddy's got the weekend off... And I'm pretty sure that I will be more than entertained with the event as a whole, just that main event leaves me scratching my head a little...
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