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10/24/08 6:44:42AM
Katsuyori Shibata (2-5-1) fought Yasuhito Namekawa (24-16-4) to a draw
Ryuta Sakurai (18-14-4) defeated Sojiro Orui (5-3-4) via split decision
Yusuke Kawaguchi (8-0) defeated Seryu (0-1) via majority decision
Satoko Shinashi (29-2-2) defeated Yukiko Seki (4-14) by armbar (1:32-R1)
Riki Fukuda (12-4) defeated Jason Jones (7-4) via unanimous decision
Takafumi Otsuka (7-3-1) defeated Masanori Kanehara (10-5-5) via split decision
Eiji Ishikawa (17-14-3) defeated Simeon Thoresen (9-1) via majority decision
Toshikazu Iseno (6-4-2) defeated Masayuki Okude (5-5-5) via unanimous decision
Shunji Kosaka (3-1) defeated Seigo Mizuguchi (3-4) via TKO (3:30-R1)
Koichiro Matsumoto (6-1) defeated Ryan Bow (17-9-2) via unanimous decision

This from Mania on the Jones-Fukuda fight: "This fight was not without controversy however when Jones did not hear the bell at the end of the second round and continued to pummel Fukuda with some vicious ground and pound.

Both corners stormed the ring and one fan even threw a cup of ice into the ring which ironically seemed to cool things down. All was quickly forgotten and Jones & Fukuoda payed respect to each other after the fight.

It was rumored that Jones was in an altercation with a fan after the event, but no further details have been provided."
10/24/08 4:53:20PM
Cheers DCRage
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