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2/17/12 4:04:33AM
JMMA Fans Unite I think it starts somewhere around 9pm PT tonight. Untelevised here, but who knows, a stream may find it's way through. Otherwise it's just Play by Play. HDNet really needs to pick up DEEP. I'd pay for this if I could. Very stacked card with 5 title fights!

Any posts to play by play, post in here. No posts to streams though. But do PM

DEEP Featherweight Title:
Kazunori Yokota x Hideki Kadowaki

DEEP Lightweight Title:
Mizuto Hirota x Seichi Ikemoto (!)

DEEP Bantamweight Title:
Takafumi Otsuka x Yoshiro Maeda (part 2!)

DEEP Megaton Title:
Levan Razmadze x Ryuta Noji

DEEP Openweight Women's Title:
Amanda Lucas x Yumiko Hotta

Akihiro Gono x Daisuke Nakamura (!!)
Shoji Maruyama x Tatsunao Nagakura (!)
DJ.taiki x Yusaku Nakamura (!)
Daijiro Matsui x Hiromitsu Kanehara (!)
Katsuya Toida x Makoto Kamaya
Bernard Ackah x Yuki Niimura
Seigo Mizuguchi x Hirohide Fujinuma
Yoshitomo Watanabe x Naoki Samukawa
Masato Kobayashi x Tatsuyuki Nakamura
Shun Yoshioka x Yosuke Ebihara
Tatsuya Tomozane x Hikaru Hisumi
2/17/12 9:05:11AM
If we can find a way to watch I'm down
2/17/12 11:25:13AM
2/17/12 12:16:25PM
I really wanna see this!!!
2/17/12 1:18:19PM
i wanna watch bc i had a couple of these guys on my last Project roster
2/17/12 1:31:08PM
What happened to Doo Ho Choi? Wasn't he supposed to fight on this card?
2/18/12 12:08:39AM

Posted by Budgellism

What happened to Doo Ho Choi? Wasn't he supposed to fight on this card?

He's been missing for 7 days now in Korea. Not a good sign. Kadowaki stepped in 2-3 days ago when DEEP officials couldn't get ahold of Choi and his gym didn't know where he was either. Usually if you're missing for over a week there's not good news that comes out of it but hopefuly he's ok.

EDIT: looks like 11pm PT for main card start time.
2/18/12 2:40:31AM
Quick results as they happen here!/BrittanyAnnJMMA

Not seeing any PBP or streams.
2/18/12 2:40:56AM
Does anybody have a link for this event? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
2/18/12 1:31:31PM
I fell asleep looking for a stream

Can't believe Gono lost
2/18/12 3:19:17PM
Looks like it was a pretty good show. I had no idea George Lucas' daughter was fighting.

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