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5/23/08 11:05:30AM
To all of those that already play, how did you do this past season?

It was my first year in the game and I ended up winning my league and promoting to the Tier 3 leagues. The Bear Den is on it's way up!

Any of you that want to check out setting up a team before the new season starts on 5/31, go to the following link:

5/23/08 11:09:11AM
Team Sure Shot won the league...missed being promoted just barely. (was below the green/blue line)

My star fighters have one 3 of the last 4 tournaments they've been in. Going for another this Tuesday.
5/23/08 11:40:49AM
Nice job fleek. I haven't had as much luck with star fighters. I promoted them really early, and they're old, so they haven't had a ton of success. I did get one tourney win though.
5/23/08 12:53:09PM
House of Pain, I won my league Am League #10
5/23/08 1:39:33PM
What is deckagon?
5/23/08 1:51:34PM
man my fighters went on a loseing streak but still got 3rd
5/23/08 1:59:35PM
Deckagon is a game where you create a stable of fighters and control the gym, arena, fighter development, etc. It's like owning MFS or ATT, in a way.

It's a lot of fun, I would recommend it if you haven't already checked it out.
5/23/08 2:00:12PM

Posted by puppetmaster837

What is deckagon?

what is it or do i need to go look it up on my own?? Is it like the Cumate?? do you need a royal invitation- I know the Dim- Mach
5/23/08 2:03:02PM
What the hell is Deckagon?!?
Welcome to the Deckagon Fantasy MMA Game!
Deckagon is the world's greatest Fantasy Mixed Martial Arts Management Game!
If you're into management or strategy games, or you're a Mixed Martial Arts fan, this is the place to be!
By signing up for a Deckagon Fantasy MMA Game account, you'll get to participate in an active MMA community, pit your wits against fantasy MMA Management game strategists from all over the globe, and even read fantasy Mixed Martial Arts fight reports in real time!
And, best of all, access to the world's best Fantasy MMA Game won't cost you a penny!
Since Deckagon is an online fantasy MMA game, you can play it for free using any standard web browser - and you'll be able to log into your Fantasy MMA Management Game account at any time of the day, all year round! You can monitor the injury & confidence levels of your fantasy MMA fighters, set training programmes, issue fight tactics, and keep up to date with your fantasy Mixed Martial Arts fight results.
Deckagon Participation
The Deckagon Fantasy MMA Game has now been running for almost 12 months, including the live beta-testing programme, & has been the world's premier fully operational Fantasy MMA game on Wednesday 23rd May 2007!
This, the 5th official Deckagon season, is the first to incorporate Star Fighter Tournaments, & houses 2728 fighter stables spread out over 341 Fantasy MMA Game leagues.
At the moment we have over 1100 live users actively managing Fantasy MMA Fighter stables in the Deckagon Fantasy MMA Game, with plenty of additional space available for more.
If you fancy giving the world's best online Fantasy MMA mangement game a whirl, then sign up for a free Deckagon Fantasy MMA Game account now!.

5/23/08 3:06:27PM
I just started an account and i have no idea what to do...
5/23/08 3:11:07PM
I would suggest reading the tutorials and checking the forum. They should give you a good idea of what's going on. If you have specific questions, let me know and I'll try to walk you through it.
5/23/08 3:44:49PM
My team finished second in one of the second tier leagues. I won my first two leagues, but i lost alot this season, surprised i managed 2nd tbh.

My star fighter sucks!!! His records like 5-7 or somthing, but hes been the runner up in two tourneys. Until that point though i dont even think hed had a win lol.

My teams TFS by the way incase anybody is in my league
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