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11/28/12 3:16:31PM
The next season of the Ultimate Fighter on FX will be moving away from Friday nights, but where it will end up remains a mystery.

There was speculation recently that the show would air on Wednesday nights, but just hours after the news was leaked, both UFC President Dana White and FX executives shot down the idea and said no decision had been made.

Now with the new season of the show weeks into production with an expected debut in January, the UFC and FX appear no closer to announcing what night the show will appear on.

“We’re still working on it,” UFC President Dana White said on Tuesday. “We’re working on that with the guys at FX. As soon as it’s ready we’ll announce it. We’re not ready yet.”

11/28/12 3:22:47PM
Obviously people with DVR, it doesn't really matter, but as for live views, Wednesday nights would definitely see more people tune in, than on Fridays. Since they don't plan on changing the format of the show anymore, it makes sense just to have it on a weekday, as I don't see much people going out of their way to tune in on Friday nights, do it during the week when people are home more.
11/28/12 5:13:54PM
Well as long as it isn't Monday night they will be fine. Thursday night won't hold NFL games as it will be playoff time so that slot is open.
11/28/12 6:01:29PM
I'd say keep it on friday, I just DVR it and this season I've just fast forwarded through everything. The show probably needs to come to an end.

Don't know if Tues, Wed, or Thurs would work as FX usually has shows on those days throughout the year.
11/29/12 10:56:27AM
With college football coming to an end, Friday would actually work better now imo. There is practically nothing at all on tv on Friday nights, but I suppose the occasional Bellator show would throw a monkey wrench in this direction
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