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4/12/07 5:08:20PM
Since the Gomi/Diaz fight was changed to a NC do we get our money back? Whether you like it or not the fact is Diaz did not get a win and Gomi did not get a lose.
4/12/07 5:11:25PM
I know its quite dissapointing since we all seen how well Diaz performed. It could have even been the submission of the year. Oh well, we will have to wait for the rematch which i hope will be for the title.
4/12/07 11:56:40PM
So do we get our money back?
4/13/07 8:10:56AM
Hmmm, I want my money back also!!!
4/13/07 11:37:04AM
There are not going to give you your money back because one of the fights was ruled a no contest days after.

It was still a damn good fight, and you got to see it.

Still, it would be sweet to get your money back.
4/13/07 11:45:51AM
No , you won't get your money back. It's under the same premise as a casino, they don't give the money back months later if a decision is changed. I picked Gomi also, but I have to agree with this decision. It would seem unfair to one side no matter what, and we are sticking with the fights outcome, instead of a committees decision.Sorry, never hurts to ask though
4/13/07 3:26:38PM
diaz won fair and square.
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