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POLL: What weight class goes to a decision more?
HW 0% (0)
LHW 0% (0)
MW 0% (0)
WW 10% (5)
LW 90% (44)
8/11/09 3:39:40PM
Is it just me or is it more often than not the lightweights go to a decision in the UFC?? just look at Tyson Griffin(who i nicknamed Decision), Frank Edgar, Sean Sherk, Clay Guida, Jim Miller, Gary Maynard, Diego Sanchez, Joe Stevenson, etc.
What is it about the lightweights that make them so hard to finish?? are they all so well rounded that they cancel each other out? what is it?? its gotten to a point where i see these guys on a fight card and just say decision, decision, decision
8/11/09 4:08:20PM
They don't have one-punch KO power and their conditioning is better.
8/11/09 4:21:21PM
Ive come to expect that myself. I think that they are all so athletic and well rounded that they cancel eachother out. It seems like that bigger weight classes are filled with specialist in one area or another.
8/11/09 4:54:36PM

Posted by grappler0000

They don't have one-punch KO power and their conditioning is better.

This is pretty much it. There are very few 155ers that have that one shot stopping power and pretty much everyone in the weight class has cardio for days (except BJ ).
8/11/09 5:09:53PM
The people above me said it. At that weight they do not have the same amount of power someone at LHW or HW can have. It also has to do with their speed and conditoning as well. Someone (sorry I forget who) on this site did stats a while ago on the last few UFC events and it did show that the lower the weight class the more decisions.
8/11/09 5:32:27PM
keep dropping weight classes and look at trends. At 135 some entire fights consist of aggressive scrambles.

When someone transitions, scrambles, and moves the entire fight it's damn near impossible to put in a sub or place a knockout shot.
8/11/09 8:15:47PM
it seems as if they have better cardio, but i don't think that's the case. its probably the fact that they aren't clinching with bears like QJ or Hendo and wearing themselves out. plus they aren't throwing around as much weight.

i think they're too fast for their own good, and its rough to catch them in Subs or land that crisp shot.
8/11/09 9:18:44PM
the lighter the weight class the higher the decision ratio
8/12/09 12:02:09PM
lw only makes since seeing there lighter , not as much power , and off te charts cardio .
8/13/09 1:45:18PM

Posted by thunderstruck

lw only makes since seeing there lighter , not as much power , and off te charts cardio .

8/13/09 2:07:19PM
LW easily.

I think like 80% of the time i pick them to go to a UD
8/14/09 3:09:59AM
i actually compiled a list of stats that proved this to be true. here is the link: Stats for Thought
8/15/09 10:10:11PM
this s one reason why you have to admire guys like kenny florian and penn who finish fights at 155!!!!!!!!

easy for me to pick 155 bouts as well!!! probably over 50% of them end up in decision
8/17/09 11:49:49PM
Tyson may always go to decisions but he has won many fight of the night awards so it isnt bad really.

Like most people said, less KO power + good conditioning = more decisions.
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