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12/25/11 10:22:31PM
Prediction thread. What are the big title fights do you think us MMA junkies will be craving next christmas for 2013?

1. Aldo vs Edgar lighrweight title, Its only a matter of time before Aldo is done at 145 Its been talked about. I think Its gonna happen since i think Edgar is too fast and slick for anybody at 155 and all aldo really has left after mendes is maybe crazy horse and maybe that asian that just beat roop if he beats bart and then wins another top fight in the summer. After that i think itd be time!

2. Jones vs Lil Nog/Gustaffon/Thiago Silva, since i think jones providing a hendo donkey kong rape punch will probably get past rashad and hendo, their really the next tier guys starting their title shot journey. I think one of them could have a breakout year. Any combo of those 3 fighting i think is an instant fight of the year candidate all three of them are fearless lethal aggressive strikers.

3. Diaz/Condit/Diego/Fitch vs GSP. Since the interim title will probably have a defense, i think whoever looks more impressive in winning Ellenberger/Diego and Hendricks/Fitch which i think is diego and fitch will get that shot at diaz vs condit which i think is too sick a fight to pick a winner right now.

4. Anderson Silva vs Rockhold/Jacare/Kennedy, i think silva finishes yet another clean out of UFC contenders whoopin chael in the summer then anthony johnson after he KOs Belfort. Then either Kennedy breaks out this year or maybe they do what they tried with diaz bringing in the strikeforce middleweight champ which i think Jacare will win back next year

5. Junior Dos Santos vs Cormier/Barnett. I think if Mir beats Cain hell take a 2012 beatdown after dos santos KOs Overeem then i think their will be big talk if cormier beats Barnett then hed be a legit elite heavyweight, and if Barnett won hes already a strong contender think dana might just give Barnett the shot right away so dos santos could beat him and hed have leverage to cut him if anything goes wrong.
12/25/11 10:48:27PM
Jones vs Silva
12/25/11 11:15:54PM

Posted by Aether

Jones vs Silva

12/25/11 11:59:16PM
Palhares vs Maia!!!!!
Anderson vs Chael
Nick Diaz vs Ellenberger
GSP vs Anderson
Bones vs Anderson
Cain vs Overeem
JDS vs Overeem
King Mo vs Rampage
Cruz vs Renan Barao
Aldo vs Korean Zombie
12/26/11 12:16:34AM
Lesnar v Mir 3.
12/27/11 7:21:57AM
Rumble vs Palhares
Belcher vs Munoz
Hominick vs Aldo
Jon Jones vs Pat Barry or Stefan Struve for 1st HW fight
Anderson Silva vs Shogun
JDS vs Cain II
Cerrone vs Henderson III
Rich Franklin vs Dan Henderson II
12/27/11 6:24:08PM
Overeem vs. Barry

Bones vs. Struve (want to see how good he is when he has no (.5) reach advantage

Carano vs. Tate (just because)

JDS vs. Overeem

Sonnen vs. Every Brazilian Fighter At Once
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