R.I.P. "Dr. Death" Steve Williams

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12/31/09 5:58:08AM
Man, a brutal year for wrestling ends on another major down note, one more brother has departed as the year winds down.

"Dr. Death" Steve Williams lost his battle with cancer last night, passing away at the age of 49.

He had been battling throat cancer for a number of years, first apparently beating it in 2005. It came back this year and his health had worsened in recent months.

Williams held numerous titles in North America and Japan throughout his lengthy career in the wrestling industry. He also achieved All-American status as a collegiate football player at the University of Oklahoma.

After the death of longtime rival and friend Mitsuharu Misawa this past June, Williams made the decision to retire from the ring after twenty-seven years of service. His final match was held on October 25, 2009 in Tokyo.

He & the late Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy were one of the top tag teams in wrestling when I first started watching in the late 1980s, even before the Steiner Brothers. Hopefully they can now reform their tag team up in heaven. Another person who I feel so bad for is former wrestler/valet/diva Dawn Marie, she had done so much work and fundraising through her "Wrestlers' Rescue" charity to help Williams with the expenses related to his medical treatment.
R.I.P. and God Bless, Dr. Death.

(PS-Williams is not related/connected in any way to "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, whose real name is also Steve Williams)
12/31/09 7:25:22AM
Wow, this sucks. I don't watch wrestling anymore, but Dr Death was old school through and through and was a master at selling moves.
12/31/09 8:28:17AM
Dr. Death was one of my early favorites. I can't believe he was only 49.
12/31/09 6:43:20PM
I still love his WCW match with Jerry Only.
It wasn't the greatest,but the Fits are my favirote band and Dr.Death was always cool. He looked just like my friends dad.
12/31/09 7:40:23PM
He was one of my old school favorites as well, and one of the stiffest wrestlers of all time. He actually broke someones neck in his promo for WWF and they ended up cancelling his contract because of it.
1/4/10 3:19:29AM
sux man. i wish i was still in the pro wrestling loop so i wouldve know this right away.

im shocked he was only 49
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