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3/13/12 12:15:03AM
There was a time not too long when UFC welterweight Dan Hardy knew inside his heart that he should take a break from fighting to refocus on his training and career to get things back on track.

Now what you might be thinking is the time off that Hardy has taken over the last several months following his fourth loss in a row in the UFC is what he was talking about, but you’d be wrong.

3/13/12 12:23:57AM
Wuar Dan 'Mother f'n' Hardy

B.A. Jackson, I mean Rampage should take cue from Hardy, on how to face challenges without crying like a school girl.

2012 - - The Return of The Outlaw
3/13/12 3:04:02AM
This should be called the Death and Re-Death of Dan Hardy. Loss number 5 is a comin, and then there will be no excuse to keep him around. Which is find cause ever since that video on Countdown against GSP when he was shadowboxing and flipping off the camera I've wanted to see people punch him in his british mohawked face
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