with the death of ufc 151 and no ppv tonight how are u gonna spend the evening

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9/1/12 4:11:52PM
Should be in Vegas today but not

I put up some Ufc posters on my wall 146 and 148

Later tonight I've got friends to come over to see Ufc 146 since I was in Vegas for the event no one watched it

Ironically I got my Ufc fight club membership package in the mail

Got the bad blood dvd with it. What the hell watch that as well tonight.
9/1/12 4:16:49PM
going to a bar to watch a lot of fooball!!!!!!
9/1/12 4:24:03PM
I'm getting stupid high & going to see The Expendables 2 with my cousin. It isn't 151 but hey at least Randy Coutures in it
9/1/12 4:56:21PM
It looks like football for me tonight! The Cage Warriors event was solid, so it helped provide an MMA fix. I'll be watching the USC game, probably flipping back and forth between that and the Dodgers-Diamondbacks game
9/1/12 5:06:18PM
Either getting drunk with my buddy who's coming home for the long weekend or going out to my college bar to see some people who are back for the school year.
9/1/12 7:45:59PM
this is what kinda happened so far

first this

then this

and then this

oh yea.... PERENTAL ADVISIORY its been a good night for a playa
9/1/12 11:15:54PM
Well, the original plan was to stream the even from the local police station in a one-horse town that I work for part time. But, with the even cancelled there was the threat of actually having to drive around and pretend to work...

I opted to make a few rounds then stream Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland instead. Stayed quiet enough to get through both and got a nice ride home on the Harley to finish out the night.

Truth be told- I would have rather got paid to stream the PPV than the movies. But either way I came out on top.
9/2/12 1:19:06AM
Watched the bad blood dvd. Interesting story between Liddell and Ortiz. Whole time I was thinking who the hell would pay 20 bucks for this dvd. It's only
70 mins long. And only their fights between each other on the dvd.

Looked at my Ufc collection. Got 17 Ortiz fights and 19 lidell fights I could watch
9/2/12 12:35:38PM
Watched the Dr. Who marathon, then watched the overrated Michigan team get put away. Also, I had a bunch of some Texas beer...not special, now I have a headache.
9/2/12 3:20:28PM
Got drunk at a party and hooked with a gal I know. Also rogan and duncan style discussed the universe with my best friend.
9/2/12 4:14:07PM
Sat back with my girl and watched some movies.. once she was asleep I re-watched Edgar vs Henderson and Faber vs Barao!