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POLL: Should fight camps now have Secondary stats included?
YES 61% (27)
NO 39% (17)
10/19/08 12:24:06PM
Ok I know I have brought this up a year ago, and everyone was with me on this. But nothing was done by the OLD mods. Well with new and improved guys in charge, I want to ask again.

Could we add Secondary league stats to the fight camps? I know we just do UFC for fight camps, but what about changing the ways of how things work, since all the secondary league fights are viewable to pretty much everyone now. I dont see why this could not happen, nor would it. Like look at how many EX ufc fighters fight in other leagues now? So everyone should know Tito Ortiz, Arloski, Tim Sylvia, Babalu etc. And also this is MMA playground, not UFC playground lol

So I am putting this out, and I hope to have support from my fellow members.

I just think it would make it much more enjoyable, and I know with Elite XC, Strikeforce, Dreams etc. People have no excuse about knowing fighters, or not being able to watch these.

So, could this be done in the near future?

thank you for reading.
10/19/08 12:31:29PM
It'd be nice as long as there were seperate rankings for the primary and secondary leagues. Combining the rankings would not work well, especially for larger camps where not everyone plays the secondary league.
10/19/08 12:34:42PM
I forgot to add on that part, but yeah. Seperate standings would be fine, lets just get secondary league stats added into the game. It could be done, so camps dont get hurt if people miss picks. Im sure it could be done, where this could work. All we need is the support.
10/19/08 12:36:34PM
I dont think it'll happen, unless they do it separately (make secondary league fight camps)....

reason being is the difference in the # of people that actively participate in both leagues. For example UFC 88 had 6,472 people picking it, while the EliteXC: Heat / Strikeforce ComboCard only had 1,581 people participating in. Big difference in #'s.

Of course the majority of the people that regularly post here would probably be up for it because they are more involved with mma (as i am), but the vast majority dont, so thats the big problem. I remember a mod saying something similar as to why it wouldnt be done. I for one would be up for making secondary league fight camps, but ultimately thats up top the mods to decide.
10/19/08 12:39:45PM
No doubt man, thats what im saying. A seperate league aside from the UFC would be worth doing. But exactly, its up the mods. But the mods are as hardcore as us.....i.e Jacklope for one in Secondary, so lets hope he can push for us ;-)
10/19/08 12:41:07PM
I agree with the main idea behind this - adding the Secondary Stats to your fight camp - BUT I think it should be separate. For example, have seperate fight camp rankings for the secondary league, then it wouldn't effect some of the camps where everyone doesn't participate in the Secondary League. Obviously, it wouldn't hurt my team, it would actually help us since we're both pretty active in the Sec. League... but I can see some of the larger camps getting screwed over.

There could be separate Secondary League Fight Camp Badges as well!!!

Good thinking though.... I'll always give props to people trying to improve this already awesome site!!

EDIT: It looks like a couple of people already said what I said before I could get this posted...
10/19/08 1:37:14PM
this is a great idea. i'd love to see this put in.
10/19/08 2:06:07PM
Heh, well unfortunately it's not so much of a mod issue as it is a programmer issue. So while I'd be up for the idea there's only so much that can be done. I think threads like this brought up in a thoughtful and respectful manner (as has been done) will go far towards achieving the goal, but I can't promise anything.

Anyway- I'd love to see it done. One of the main issues will be numbers participating in secondary league. (so influence your camp mates to participate in secondary)

10/19/08 3:09:02PM
I disagree, i think the primary league alone is perfect for fight camp.
If they want to include Elite/xc or whatever events in the camp ranking they just have to move them in the main league and we will pick on it.

I think those event are in the secondary league for a good reason, they are unstable, they seem to have their own rules about what mma is by asking their fighters to stand and bang, they have last minute changes all the time and their card are almost always 3/4 total mismatch or total unknown fighters.

Also , a lot of peoples are playing the secondary league for fun and do things they would have never done in the primary league so let keep it that way.

10/19/08 3:44:41PM
Has nothing whatsoever to do with "new mods vs. old mods", nice try. Kind of insulting to Hippy, Omega, MMA, ac-gi and myself. As Mods we look out for the site first and then the posters. If it's something we can'r do ourselves, it's sent up the chain.

If nothing was done by the "Old MODS" then nothing could be done. Thanks for playing
10/19/08 3:48:11PM
Wasn't meant to be an insult. Didnt know you were even a mod lol
10/20/08 11:18:13AM

Posted by RampageOwnedYou

Wasn't meant to be an insult. Didnt know you were even a mod lol

But we all knew he was old
10/20/08 2:56:09PM
I don't know, I kinda use the 2ndary league as a letting loose portion of the game. Take alot of chances and pick way more underdogs than i should lol. I'd be down for keeping it as it is. Why try and fix soemthing that isn't broken
10/20/08 4:49:06PM
I'm up for whatever. I take the Secondary league rather seriously as is, with the exception of wagers. I'll be on board either way.
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