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10/26/08 7:29:32PM
STOP SAYING THAT KOSCHECK WENT UNDEFEATED IN COLLEGIATE WRESTLING...THAT IS WRONG. if i hear Goldberg say that one more time i'm calling up Dana and telling him myself. it is mind boggling that no one has corrected the UFC at this point.

Nick Devlin
10/26/08 7:38:48PM
i noticed they said that and i didnt know but i thought that twas bs how many loses did he have
10/26/08 7:42:16PM
I remember him saying something along those lines. If he referred to his junior year, it would be accurate...but otherwise, not so much.
10/26/08 7:42:33PM
wiki has him listed as undefeated. and if i can't trust wiki...then who can i trust!!?? lol (jk) wiki
10/26/08 7:51:40PM
Goldberg seems like he's getting cocky. I'm starting to dislike him again. He tries to talk like he knows what he's talking about but he still doesn't. My suspicion is that he's been training in one way or another recently and he wants to sound knowledgeable. Mike, please... for the love of God... just leave the knowledge to Joe and play-by-play it
10/26/08 8:10:15PM
Actually he lost to one of my best friends Greg Jones. Greg was national champ 3 times the year he didn't win he lost to Rashad Evans.
10/26/08 8:21:13PM

Posted by haggiswashere

wiki has him listed as undefeated. and if i can't trust wiki...then who can i trust!!?? lol (jk) wiki

Actually Wiki does not list him as undefeated. It says he went undefeated his Junior year(2001). Which is true. Please take time to read an article before you comment on it. Here is a secondary source that says the same thing as wiki. Link

And just to clear it up his record is 128-17.
10/26/08 8:21:36PM
I don't know Kos' stats for his colege wrestling, but i do know he was very , very big. i watched him wrestle a few times. he was a big draw in Pennsylvannia for wrestling and was going to Edinboro U which was about an hour away from my house. I know his record in his junior year was very impessive maybe undefeated. I have loved watching him evolve as an MMA star. Frank Edgar also went to school very close to me. Clarion U about 45 mins away.(saw him once) I really think guys like Kos, Edgar, Tyson Griffen, Sherk, Randy, Brock, Hendo will pull USA wrestling out of the basement and make it a very important sport. Which warms my heart
10/26/08 8:26:40PM
I don't recall anyone saying that he went undefeated in college.
Only that he was undefeated in 2001 (which I believe is true).
10/26/08 8:27:37PM
I try to ignore what Mike Goldberg says (or Bill Goldberg for that matter), but he may have been talking about one year in particular.

I'm not sure what the point is of having a guy who started off ignorant about the sport and doesn't seem to learn from event to event is. They don't have guys who don't know boxing, football or basketball doing commentary. My Goldberg lowlight for the night was him saying that Patrick Cote would be talked about for centuries if he beat Anderson Silva. There is just no exaggeration limit for the guy.
10/26/08 10:44:09PM
I am so freaking tired of listening to Goldberg. As i've said before many times he commentates for just about every sport under the sun and has "bread and butter" material that he goes to in just about every damn one of them. An example is that while watching the RedBull Air Race i heard "We have a lot of champions in our sport"... Really Mike, REALLY!?!?! I just want him to go away. Joe can do it alone with random fighter #1 not on the card of the night.
10/26/08 11:40:30PM
Mike Goldberg is a damn good commentator. And he was talking about Kos being undefeated in his junior year...not his whole career. Listen to what the man says, and don't take what he says out of context.

And if you think you could do a better job than Goldie...prove it. Commentating is a very underrated occupation. It's pretty damn hard. I'm a journalism student, and I filled in for one of the broadcasting guys last year to do play-by-play for a basketball game on college radio...I'm not sure that anybody was listening by the 2nd half.
10/26/08 11:44:37PM
I'm not saying I could do Goldberg's job at all. However, I know of a certain MMA commentator who knows his stuff pretty well and is out of a job....
10/26/08 11:49:53PM

Posted by Jackelope

I'm not saying I could do Goldberg's job at all. However, I know of a certain MMA commentator who knows his stuff pretty well and is out of a job....

I was talking with Quadro's the other day and he's not up to much. Mauro is also another candidate but some feel his is to smart for mma commentating.
10/27/08 11:54:04AM
Goldberg gets alot of his information wrong..but that why there's Rogan to back him up...
10/27/08 12:19:21PM
Goldie does tend to exaggerate alittle, but I think he's a pretty likable guy.
10/27/08 5:07:31PM
I actually think he was talking about His Junior year, cuz he did go undefeated that year
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