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3/8/07 12:11:20PM
the third instillment of Dear Don. Wow Don Frye is awesome

But most of all, you have to go punch some people. Learn to let loose. It’ll come with practice. If it doesn’t, get a bat

Here is the link.
3/8/07 12:20:47PM

If you really want to get crazy, do what married women do and get your period three or four times a month.


Do that, and let your wife handle the tough stuff, because odds are she’s the smart one.

he needs to do colour commentary or something on a regular basis, sheer genius!
3/8/07 5:55:45PM
Once a long time ago he and Rampage did commentary on a fight toghetr in KOTC. it was a awesome 5 round fihgt.
3/9/07 3:41:00AM
Yeah, the commentary was better than the fight.
3/9/07 3:35:03PM
So many great quotations I won't even bother picking one out.
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