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6/11/10 2:32:20PM
With his mixed martial arts debut about two months away, former multi-division boxing champion James Toney has enlisted ex-UFC star and Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt Dean Lister to tutor him in a crash course on the ground game, MMA Fighting has learned.

According to two separate sources, Lister has been working with Toney for about one month in preparation for his August UFC 118 bout against UFC legend Randy Couture. Lister did not respond to messages seeking comment.

6/11/10 4:43:57PM
I can think of BJJ teachers with better MMA pedigree, but as long as he's just teaching techniques, he'll help.
6/11/10 4:51:42PM
I highly doubt a 2 month crash course a bjj is gonna have toney tap out randy
The guy still has yet to even sign the bout agreement
He may pull a montoya
I hope the ufc will have a back up fighter ready when toney pulls out of the fight in
Days notice
6/11/10 5:03:36PM
IF this fight actually happens, the bjj isn't going to help him that much. He may know how to avoid an obvious submission, but when he's on his back taking punches, trying to get up, it'll go out the window. It's nothing against toney, but to be facing someone as crafty as randy, he'll almost certainly fall into something.
I think his only hope is to catch randy with a flurry on the feet at some point and don't stop throwing. unlikely tho.

sticking with randy rd1 sub (RNC)
6/11/10 6:37:17PM
At least Toney is showing signs he's willing to learn the game.
That's a very small start for him.
6/11/10 8:57:19PM
I have to say "The Bogey Man" has top notch jits skills. I also have to believe that all of their time will be spent on BJJ defense!! Defense wins Championships!! Not that I think James will win but just me thoughts on his prep.
6/12/10 1:19:47PM

Posted by prozacnation1978

He may pull a montoya

6/12/10 1:47:01PM
A) There is no way he could learn even a tiny fraction of what he needs to know to stop Randy. The man has been grappling most of his life.

B) This could be a PR stunt. I'm not saying he won't spend a little time on the mats, but the man has been a boxer his whole life. Even the MMA fighters at my gym that got started in Boxing don't like to do Jiu Jitsu. They almost never do it with a GI on and they don't concentrate fully on learning it when they grapple at all. You have to go at it with a mind set that is willing and excited to learn. Going through the motions won't even be worth your time.

This will be as classic of a Grappler vs Striker match up as we could ever see in 2010. The difference is that while Randy is at least proficient enough to survive on his feet long enough to get the takedown, Toney will be a fish out of water once he gets taken down.

"I am the shark, the ground is my ocean, and most people don't even know how to swim."
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