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8/9/07 11:23:05PM
I has been fan of MMA since frist seen UFC 3 on PPV then fell in love with any MMA's style since then.

Until then I learned that not many friends or my people been fan of MMA....they loves WWE more than UFC. I attened many MMA events : UFC, IFL, BodoFIght, WEC (Globaling Fighting Championship next week, too) with my best buddy since then. I went to talk to other deafies but they hadn't no idea what is UFC or what MMA mean....even they talked like they knew alot then I popped many subject until they stopped saying that they knew alot.

Many deaifes know who is Matt Hammill but not know who is Anderson Silva or Fedor Emelainenko (what?)

I has been wondering anyone who deaifes or hard of hearing are real fan of MMA here? So, I has my camp - Deaf MMA camp here with my freind...need more deafies that join our camp to be much fun camp. Even could be hang out to attend fight event.

I have nothing againt hearing or non-deaf is about commication well. BUT I still get along wtih anyone who been fan of MMA becuase they are ones to make MMA happen.

Thank you.

Have a nice summer time!
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8/17/07 5:15:02PM
Welcome aboard! Love the avatar
8/18/07 8:13:28PM
Welcome aboard. I enjoy your posting avatar and your camp's avatar. Hopefully you make a lot of hearing and hard of hearing friends here.
8/27/07 6:13:50AM
Welcome to the site, enjoy.
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