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8/28/12 11:06:32AM
When it came time to debut the video for his high-octane single "Professional Griefers," Deadmau5 knew where to turn: the equally aggressive world of ultimate fighting.

On September 1st, Deadmau5 will unveil his clip during the UFC Jones vs. Henderson pay-per-view match. It features the recent Rolling Stone cover star locked in a futuristic gladiatorial bout with his guest vocalist, Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance. True to form, both combatants control oversized, CGI "mau5" robots.

The video won't be released online until August 29th, but you can check out some exclusive promo posters of the would-be UFC warriors here.

8/28/12 11:10:32AM
Obviously, the part about a video clip playing during UFC 151 won't be happening.

Behind the Scenes: Video Shoot

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8/28/12 11:15:02AM
So THATS why they cancelled the event!
8/28/12 12:56:57PM
What did I just read?
8/28/12 1:22:29PM
for the record deadmau5 did tweet dana he would step in for hendo & fight jones even though it would result in his death
8/28/12 2:52:23PM
What? I'm lost beyond words.
8/28/12 7:08:27PM

Posted by Svartorm

So THATS why they cancelled the event!

I would have cancelled the event the moment this was announced