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2/3/12 8:00:00PM
Starting with UFC on Fuel: Sanchez vs Ellenberger, I'm starting an av bet tourney. Basically, I'll make a randomly assigned bracket where you and your opponent make an av bet on the card and the loser of the av bet is eliminated. This will require you to commit your av bets to this game for the next few events. I'm hoping to make this a fairly large game with at least 16 people, but I'll settle for a smaller amount if it's not too popular. Let's get it on!
2/3/12 8:08:35PM
I'm interested only if pmoney joins. We've got some unfinished business
2/3/12 8:56:31PM
me too

I'm in
2/5/12 4:25:23AM
I'd like to get in on this
2/14/12 4:11:45AM
Is this a no go?
2/14/12 11:37:23AM
theres only 4 of us so probably a no go
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