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6/1/08 9:19:57AM
Matt Hughes has seen it all in The UFC. He has won 41 MMA encounters, he has owned the UFC welterweight title on two separate occasions, and defended it on seven others. If there is one thing you don’t do, it is underestimate the wrestling master.

Hughes takes on Thiago Alves at “UFC 85: BEDLAM”, a man 10 years his junior and favourite to steal the headlines in the main event at London’s o2 Arena.

6/1/08 2:02:20PM
i see hughes taking this one... hes rested and has a new fire and desire in him... he has only lost to GSP in the past few years but who hasnt... im picking huges but should be good if u dont mind me saying.....
6/1/08 2:11:39PM
I believe I have Hughes.
6/1/08 2:25:49PM
i'm going with hughes on this one as well
6/1/08 3:10:45PM
I may have to change my mind on this one....I still think Matt may fall into bad habits and try to bang with this guy though. Matt has tried that with his last couple of guys, in fact ever since 2006 when he started saying that he wanted a highlight reel knockout. I never did understand that....I thought he had done that many times....I guess he wants a standing KO??
6/1/08 6:21:29PM
F--K Matt Hughes !!!!!!!!!
6/1/08 10:17:51PM
hughes 2rd tko
6/2/08 4:47:42AM
When i read the title of this thread i thought it was going to be some sort of WWE Undertaker.

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