dcent is finally here!

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9/1/11 5:41:55AM
thats right, I went there.

hello to all.

I enjoy gardening.

I hate aphids.

I dont know what the overall age or education is on this site, but if anyone needs math help than feel free to ask.

I will likely start a math thread soon enough.

9/1/11 6:12:57AM
Do you like apples?
9/1/11 6:34:56AM
Welcome to the playground!

I know Ax+By = C, and that you must please excuse my dear aunt sally, but beyond that I got nothing. A math thread would definitely be an interesting change of pace.

Edit: Suggestion- Participate in the secondary league! It is fun, and helps make the gaps between UFC events go by a little easier.
9/1/11 10:45:55AM
9/1/11 10:52:01AM
Welcome to the site. Enjoy the game and discussion!

I'm going to go ahead and move this to the "Introduce Yourself" forum.
9/1/11 12:02:50PM
Who is your fav fighter?
9/1/11 12:30:44PM
The love for Barboza makes me like you already. Welcome to The Playground!
9/1/11 1:47:56PM
I know Math....Chael has 2 fists.....those 2 fists = one sided beatdown

9/1/11 5:15:12PM

Posted by Chael_Sonnen

I know Math....Chael has 2 fists.....those 2 fists = one sided beatdown

Here's some math. Sonnen + anyone that knows how to throw up a triangle or armbar =

9/2/11 3:37:46AM
I do like apples.

I LOVE apples.

infact, I will have an apple as my next avatar.

Ax+By=C is a good start.

dont have a favorite fighter.
I always root for the kickboxer or the dynamic creative striker.

barboza, jonjones, ASilva are all obvious choices.

I also like siver and njokuani.

I cant stand sloppy stand up and cage n pray.

forrest and couture I am rarely entertained by.

I would support a manditory 60 second stand up rule, and if K1 fighters used the small gloves I would probably start watching K1 almost exclusively.

heres a pic of a purple carrot from my garden.

9/2/11 3:50:57AM
Oh my goodness, the Kraken is finally here.

I am glad you made your way over here. I have to give you heads up on this site, dcent. It is not anything like CD.

Here, we try to be professionals - at least we try...

There is no fighter bashing. You can state your opinions about a particular fighter but bashing the fighter is frowned upon.

You are a funny guy and I am sure the playground will warm up to your posting style. Have a look around. There are many leagues to participate in - many side games as well.

I do not know how active you intend to be on this site but the fantasy leagues are fun and we can sure use a poster like you.

Just one thing....Do not invite the bad apples from CD.
9/2/11 3:54:06AM
What did you do this time?
9/2/11 4:13:04AM
Yeah, well, I got her number.

How do you like them apples?
9/6/11 2:22:39PM
Welcome to the Playground, you wouldn't happen to have any Blueberries would ya
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