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3/3/08 1:54:19PM
A few options I mentioned in the Dayton Daily News included:

Yushin Okami: With a stunning knockout of Evan Tanner at UFC 82, Okami would seem to be the logical choice to fight Silva next. With a 6-1 mark in the UFC and a previous victory over Silva (via disqualification from an illegal kick at a 2006 Rumble on the Rock event), Okami has undoubtedly earned the title shot. However, the Japanese fighter is just now starting to gel with fans, but even Dana White acknowledged that his fighting style has likely hindered his popularity. White mentioned the bout as a possibility but wouldn’t go as far as confirming it. The bigger question, though, is whether the UFC can effectively market this fight. Luckily, the organization is so full of talent that a single main event no longer needs to carry an entire UFC show. However, much like Silva’s fight with Travis Lutter, the bout could end up feeling like a mere annoyance — rather than a legit challenge — since Silva will likely be so heavily favored.
Nate Marquardt: As I mentioned in the Dayton Daily News story, Marquardt failed miserably in his first Silva fight back at UFC 73. However, his strength — submissions — is Silva’s only marginal weakness. However, like the Okami fight, this one could be difficult to market.
Quinton Jackson: A fight with the UFC’s light heavyweight champion is possible — but probably not anytime soon. White and UFC matchaker Joe Silva would likely want to exhaust all other options before scheduling this bout and sacrificing one of the organization’s champs.
Rich Franklin: Silva has dominated him twice, and a third fight is unlikely. Still, Silva says Franklin has been his toughest challenge in the UFC, and the former champ has a big following.
Paulo Filho: A fight with the WEC middleweight champ is a pipe dream. Filho and Silva are training partners and unwilling to fight each other. Silva said as much at Saturday’s press conference.

3/3/08 2:22:22PM
I mean this fight needs to happen so Silva can get a chance to get that win over Okami and Okami is the only choice at time unless you just give someone that is below Okami a title shot.

The one way I can see this being promoted is a double title fight ppv, like have Silva vs Okami as the co-main event and then have another title fight to back up the fight.
3/3/08 2:24:56PM
This fight is almost definitely next for Silva. I would love to see Okami upset, but I don't see that happening.
3/3/08 3:28:57PM
realistically, I dont see okami being able to win this fight... franklin was able to give okami struggles in strength, striking and on the ground... and we know what silva could do to franklin. If silva legitimately wants to challenge a boxer, it would be an interesting move on dana white's part to let him go do it. It'll be at least another six months until there's a legitimate contender able to challenge for his title.. I'd say ask silva what he wants to do.
3/3/08 4:21:31PM
Okami looks really good, and he had a close decision against Franklin. This should be an exciting match
3/3/08 5:52:46PM
The Anderson Silva deal is a "situation".
He should face Yushin next...which Anderson will win...then what?
Maybe after a few more fights Cote and Bisping get a shot.
Again Anderson wins.
Maybe he changes weight class...170 or 205.
He spoke of going down to 170.
I believe he would dominate those divisions as well.
It would be fun to see...but he shouldn't have to change weight classes.
It's a sad situation. I believe there is only one real opponent who has any chance...that would be BJ Penn. Bj would have to go back up to 170 and Anderson down to 170.
This "bad situation" may be a blessing in will force the competition to get better.....every time the "bar has been raised" in the history of MMA...the competition had to and did...catch up.

3/3/08 9:01:48PM
You HAVE to give Okami that shot. No matter how boring some folks think he is, the guy has just been impressive. Also, it seemed to me that he would have had a good shot at beating Franklin if that fight went two more rounds. So IMO he probably is the second best fighter in the division. Plus like someone else stated it gives Anderson a chance to avenge that loss (even though it was a dq). That was an extremely competitive fight the first time around. Okami handled himself very well with Anderson.
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