30 Days of CHAEL....pion

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4/27/13 3:51:02PM
Slide over Tony Soprano, only a wannabe gets whacked at a Restaurant while listening to Journey...no fade to black here, only a fade to $$ (P)erfection $$

While you are eating onion rings waiting for Meadow to join you and your brat family....

I'm Chael P. Sonnen - - The Stylin', profilin', limousine riding, jet flying, kiss-stealing, wheelin' n' dealin' son of a gun!

All the women want to be with me, all the men want to be like me.

If you don't like it, learn to love it!

- Kiss the Ring -
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4/27/13 11:12:47PM
So excited youre about to fight! Wake this damn card up!
4/28/13 9:49:50AM
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