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7/7/08 11:15:59PM
So your in the hotel , and tomorow is your fight,match,etc. Im sure most of you had this exciting moment. What would you do. How would you eat. How much would much would you sleep. And remember this doesnt have to be something crazy, it could have been something you've already done or just explain a good reasonable night before your event.And you have someone to train with..

This is actually pretty cool. Try it
7/7/08 11:43:28PM
Interesting topic. Props

I would spend it mostly relaxing and eating light (sushi and fruit).

I know I would want to sleep but I probably wouldn't be able to.

For me the most important thing is to relax.
7/8/08 12:02:15AM
For Wrestling Tourny's it's hard for me to relax, I'm just excited yo Wrestle and I can't eat because in Wrestling, you weigh in the day of the matches and then you get to rehydrate for about an hour or so. But I try to listen to music and forget about. Only 5 Minutes before my match is when I warm up because I'm a lot like Robbie Lawler, I don't really like to warm up.
7/8/08 2:37:54AM
After weighing in I would devour a steak sandwich...But I'm no fighter and will never be one..just a schmo who loves himself a steak sandwich..
7/8/08 5:02:35AM

After weigh ins I'd have a steak dinner(love me some steak)


Day of event:

Get up around 6 am


eat a small breakfast of fruits

nap for at max 4 hours

sit and lounge with my corner crew and friends

listen to some music

eat some vegtables

got to the area and prepare for my fight

(for the hell of it) The fight itself:

I'd win by Omaplata(Gotta love Rubber Guard lol)
That's what I would do
7/8/08 2:22:17PM
On the day before: I usually finish my weight cut in the morning, then lay around trying not to think about how thirsty I am. Then weigh in, try to get a foot long sub and a gallon of water in me before I fall asleep.

Day of: Sleep at least 10 hrs, wake up in time to eat some pasta for lunch. After lunch I drink only water 'till 3hrs before fight time, then it's nothing.

Win most of my fights via a combination of VERY combo driven striking, and submission wrestling. (It's called a figure-four choke, not a triangle!)
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