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12/12/08 10:51:07PM
Absolutely indescribably sucks. Went to see it tonight and walked out before it was over. Save your money, folks.
12/12/08 10:56:22PM
well, at least i know not to see this movie now
12/12/08 10:57:18PM
wasnt planning on seeing it anyways
12/12/08 11:01:23PM
thanks for the heads up but i had no intentions on paying to see keanu reeves play a spaceman lol.
12/12/08 11:15:30PM
I should also add that maybe part of if for me was not "getting it", perhaps because I have never seen the original.
12/12/08 11:20:36PM
found this on imdb

What a disappointment!, 11 December 2008

Author: farouk73 from United Kingdom

I'm the biggest fan of Reeves and Connelly, but I can tell you now, this movie will demote not promote their ranking (for the lack of a better word). Having attended the preview at IMAX cinema where it should be the utmost experience, well.. I'm utterly disappointed by the movie, and I can't stop thinking to my self "This movie must have been filmed in 5 days", there's absolutely no events in this movie to watch, if you watch Godzilla, The Day After Tomorrow, or Deep Impact, you are likely to watch a lot more devastations, destructions, events and moments..., I mean let's face it, this is what you're waiting for to see in movies like these, but in this movie even switching between locations and shifting the events from one location to another lacked was meaningless. Finally the effects, CG, and tricks were so naive. Again,... disappointing!

12/12/08 11:45:42PM
yeah i didnt really get what the movie was about in the previews ive seen on tv, its about aliens or something.

This is why I dont go to the movies anymore, its too expensive to see a movie and then you dont know if its good or crappy.

I just stick to renting movies for a couple bucks and can read reviews from the movie.
12/13/08 1:18:52AM
Probably the same guys that hated Hancock, this movie was crap (had a great story) It was sooo boring (didn't destroy half the world in a CG final battle),
12/13/08 12:39:38PM

Posted by DCRage

Absolutely indescribably sucks. Went to see it tonight and walked out before it was over. Save your money, folks.

before i take your advise tell me 3 movies you thought where good?? that way i can tell if we have the same tast in movies?
12/13/08 1:26:48PM
Star Wars, Independence Day, You Don't Mess With The Zohan just to name 3. And just in case anyone's wondering since Hancock was mentioned, I thought that was a pretty good movie. Definitely liked that one.

Oh, and the music video they played in the previews (a National Guard video with the song "Citizen Soldier" by 3 Doors Down) was quite good.
12/13/08 2:42:24PM
Here are some comments from the film's positive reviews, according to Rotten Tomatoes:

"[It] is passable, [but] it is not great science fiction. It will feed your sense of wonder but it has so many plot holes it leaves you wishing it were better."

"Solemn, sober and efficient, The Day the Earth Stood Still gets the job done and moves on."

"Where the original film was unpretentious, this version, with Keanu Reeves as Klaatu, is insufferably full of itself, an X-Files episode pumped up to pseudo-cosmic proportions."

"What's never explained is why anyone would do such a dumb remake of Robert Wise's 1951 sci-fi classic"

12/13/08 3:02:52PM
12/14/08 5:18:24PM
I saw the original back in the day while watching Mystery Science Thearter 3000. Something strange happens occasionally while I watch MST 3000 at times...I actually start really enjoying the movie! This is also how I discovered Jason and the Argonauts.

Not really an action movie, more of SCI-FI idealogy in the similar vein of say Robert Heinlein (IE someone trying to impress their own philosophy or viewpoint under the veil of sci-fi) then it's probably the film for you. I'm into that sort of geeky stuff so I'll probably give it a go when something is released by The Scene.
12/14/08 7:52:18PM
I refuse to see this movie anyway. Just by seeing the previews, you can tell that they butchered the original. Their is no massive destruction at the hands of aliens or whatever that is that they show in the preview. I hate remakes of classic films. Leave it alone, it was good enough the first time.
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