Davis Predicts Bright Future For Paul Kelly

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10/23/08 8:25:12AM
Marcus Davis has offered British welterweight Paul Kelly some words of encouragement after submitting him in their UFC 89 fight last weekend.

Davis believes that Kelly, 23, has a bright future in the sport and says he told him so right after their bout.

"I told him, you're a young kid and you've got a long future in this. You're tough and you're already in the big show, don't let it get you down," he revealed to Fighters Only this week.

He praised Kelly's strength and aggression, which he said had forced him to come up with a different gameplan to the one he used against other British fighters such as Paul Taylor and Jason Tan.

"My trainer's plan, that he set out after watching tape on Kelly, was to use the same plan that Bisping did that night against Leben," Davis explained.

10/23/08 8:39:26AM
Kelly's a animal, he's so young as well! I can honestly see him being a contender within the next five years if he keeps the same approach to training that he's got now.
10/23/08 1:36:50PM
Davis is a class act, i hope he can put a few more wins together and take another crack a top WW.
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