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2/2/12 3:33:37PM
Montreal middleweight David (The Crow) Loiseau went before the cameras for "The Striking Truth" documentary. Now the veteran mixed martial arts fighter is getting his own reality TV show.

The K.F. Dischley Group, a New York-based film and TV production company, has signed the former UFC fighter to star in a 13-episode series called "Crowtime."

Production is set to start in the spring, with the series scheduled to debut in the fall.

Loiseau, 32, says the show is about the daily life of an MMA fighter, inside and outside the gym.

"The interaction with fans, family, friends, teammates, other professional fighters, promoters," he said Wednesday. "It's just going to be the real life of a fighter."


UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, also featured in "The Striking Truth," says Loiseau is "like a big brother."

Loiseau fought for the UFC's 185-pound title in March 2006, losing a punishing five-round battle to middleweight champion Rich (Ace) Franklin.

Franklin had his hand raised but at a cost.

He subsequently needed surgery to insert seven screws and a plate in his hand. He also suffered a hairline fracture in his foot and had ligament damage in his left ankle and right knuckle. Not to mention five stitches over his left eye.

Loiseau looked like Franklin had taken a baseball bat to his head. There were no broken bones -- and only a few stitches -- but it took a week for the facial swelling to subside.

Loiseau returned to the cage before Franklin did.

He was released and recalled by the UFC several times, with "The Striking Truth" documenting Loiseau's last go-round with the organization.


Loiseau expects that making the reality TV show will be more "intense" than the documentary movie, which followed he and GSP in spurts.

"But I've been fighting for 12 years, so I'm no stranger to cameras."

The four-to six-man production crew will follow him for six to eight weeks -- in Montreal and elsewhere as he travels in search of different training challenges.

2/2/12 5:31:22PM
Big fan of The Crow! Iamma tune in for sure
2/2/12 5:53:11PM

Posted by shaneTpain

Big fan of The Crow! Iamma tune in for sure

2/3/12 3:39:44AM
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