David Loiseau joins Jackson's camp

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6/28/07 4:00:40PM

Posted by Trapt1nw0nder

Loiseau has all the skill already,he just needs the heart...and there is no training for that

are you serious? I think going 25 minutes against franklin (and getting you ass kicked the whole time) but not quiting and ending up losing by decision shows quite a bit of heart if you ask me.
6/28/07 4:23:00PM
I'm not one to question a fighter's heart (their fire maybe but not their heart). That being said, Franklin wasn't Loiseau's last fight. He lost two fights by UD since then and only recently won one fight bu Sub.

I really hope he get's back to his winning ways. He has a lot of potential and the MW division is by far the weakest in the UFC.
6/28/07 8:17:57PM
I think this is a great move for Loiseau, i hope this is what loiseau needs to get back on track, and can get back to ufc.
7/9/07 9:34:10AM
In regards to my last post , I did not know that GSP trained at jacksons camp I was refering to GSP's camp up in Canada.
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