David Heath vs Babalu in UFC 74

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6/28/07 4:50:49PM
should be good
6/28/07 4:52:11PM
Is he sporting the shorts again?
6/28/07 4:53:18PM
I'm really glad they gave Babalu this fight instead of throwing him in against a top 10 guy. Heath is up and coming , and has some skill, but isn't a huge guy yet. Hope Babalu takes it.
6/28/07 5:14:50PM
If babalu is to stay in the ufc and have a rematch with showgun, he needs to win this one !!!
6/28/07 5:29:18PM
Babalu is gonna destory heath no doubt in my mind.
6/28/07 5:33:11PM
Babalu hasn't been faring too well lately.
6/28/07 5:52:30PM
Babalu is back! And he is gonna dominate. Future LHW Champ.
6/28/07 6:03:26PM
I dont know I think Heath has a great chance he hits just as hard if not harder than Lambert and we all know what happen in that fight. If it goes to the ground we all know babalu will probably win. Props to Babalu he beat Frank Mir in a grapling match . Check out this picture of the grappling match...Oh no way look at Franks right front leg...woohoooooo
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6/28/07 6:40:14PM
i think babalu will take this one, he has too much speed for heath and has something big to prove this time around
6/28/07 6:47:40PM
I don't know who will win Heath fights never get airedso i don't know much about him and babalu is flat. Babalu better pick it up. I was at 68 and he look bad. He used to be one of my fav. fighers to watch but its like Chuck knocked it all out of him.
6/28/07 6:50:49PM
i call babalu as winner
6/28/07 6:55:43PM
heath is a very tough fighter and if he can smack babalu's jaw we know babalu will go to sleep but i think babalu is motivated now since those 2 dissapointing losses he will beat heath via the submission
6/28/07 6:59:44PM
Well maybe if babalu has some common sense and takes it to the ground instaead of throwing retartded kness he should sub him
6/28/07 7:25:01PM
Babalu has fought 2 extremely good fighter is his last 2 fights. chuck dominated him. babalu hurt lambert bad with that knee but he just left his hands down when he threw the knee.
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