UFC 8: David vs Goliath

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4/23/12 5:29:55PM
After a lack lustre Ultimate Ultimate, the UFC was back with yet another eight man tournament, but with a twist. They went with a big man vs little man theme to try and spice things up. Ken Shamrock was also back in a super fight taking on Kimo Leopaldo.


2 videos included.
4/23/12 5:42:37PM
Ray, don't know if you like the idea or not, but with timelines on FB, you can change the date and location of your posts...so you could essentially have your event reviews appear on MMA Mental's timeline as a reflection of the actual event. Just a thought.
4/23/12 6:25:44PM
That sounds like a good idea, Ill have a look at it and see if i can suss it out lol!
4/23/12 9:17:46PM
I remember this one, it was good. Goodridge delivering one of the most brutal KOs ever seen in MMA (even today), Shamrock's scuffle with Kimo, and of course, Don Frye!
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