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5/20/09 5:29:52PM
On June 3, the New York State Assembly’s Committee on Tourism, Parks, Arts and Sports will debate and vote on bill 2009-B, which would regulate the sport of mixed martial arts in the state.

Michael Kim, a representative from committee chair and bill sponsor Assemblyman Steve Englebright’s office, informed of the news Wednesday morning.

“It will be a pretty significant first step,” said Kim.

5/20/09 6:23:03PM
omg this is what NY needs so i dont have to travel to Con/Pen/NJ to fight FFS =)

besides who wouldn't go see UFC at the Garden?
5/20/09 6:33:45PM
the better pass this bill
5/20/09 6:36:47PM
I would make the drive to MSG for it. Too bad MSG couldn't have UFC 100 there.
5/20/09 9:13:15PM
UFC at the garden would be the best thing that ever happened to me. I used to work there and I know a few people who do...........So I get to walk in the back door and watch from the wings....It may not pass that idiot state senator has made a big case against it and NY is not as liberal and permissive as people may think. Also even if it does pass NYstate senate is unbelievably slow ,they are terrible. It will take them forever to pass it.
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