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7/20/10 7:10:59AM
According to Josh Koscheck, the date for his post-TUF 12 UFC Welterweight Title fight with George St. Pierre is set: December 11. That will be UFC 123 at a location TBA. Kos has been lobbying for his hometown of Pittsburgh, but that likely won't happen because the likely host-the new Consol Energy Center-is already booked that day with NCAA Basketball. This could mean Las Vegas but there's no confirmation yet.

7/20/10 9:28:41AM
Move the hoops to the Pete and Bring that damn fight to the Burgh!!!! Please.
7/20/10 11:28:36AM
I hope vegas if it does. I can take a lot of time of for this event
May not be. They could do like last year. 11th. In canada then the 18th in vegas. Ufc won't be on xmas nor new years day. Has to be 18th or 11th in vegas
7/20/10 2:15:47PM
If it's on December 11th, it won't be in Vegas. Vegas always is the host to the New years show, and they won't do two in one month at the same city.

Pittsburgh would be ideal, but if they can't do that, Pick Nuetral ground and bring the fight to Milwaukee!
7/20/10 3:31:59PM
Sweet! Im pumped for this fight and think this years TUF will be very entertaining for me.
If they need a place I'm sure Florida would be more than happy to help them out and put them somewhere nice
7/20/10 7:23:59PM
I see this fight going prettty much the same as the first one did but for 2 more rounds. But then again maybe after getting so much criticism for being boring and safe GSP will work harder and get a sub.
7/22/10 1:24:28PM
I cant wait 4 this 1 hopefully it will b an awesome fight!
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