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12/14/08 12:25:26AM
He was an All-American wrestler while competing at Arizona State University, but now Ryan "Darth" Bader can add "Ultimate Fighter" season 8 champion to his list of accolades after putting away Vinicius Magalhaes in the first round of their match-up on Saturday night.

Coming into the fight as an underdog for probably the first time ever in his professional career, Bader took it upon himself to impress in his finale match-up and did exactly that.

With his wrestling background and Magalhaes' extensive jiu-jitsu pedigree, the light heavyweight finals saw no ground action, but plenty of stand-up.

The fighters traded kicks early, and both showed good footwork to stay in punching range, but each respected the other's power.

It was a big overhand right from Bader that glanced off of Magalhaes' head that sent the Brazilian crashing to the canvas, rocked and in obvious trouble.

12/14/08 12:29:40AM
way to go vinny.
They said you were in the top five jiu jitsu guys in the world. and you want to keep standing up?

Being a good fighter isnt always about your talent, you have to smart too.
and you, vinny, were not smart.
12/14/08 9:31:23AM
Yeah Vinny didnt even look to try and get it to the ground. In the pre fight interview Vinny said he thought his stand up was better than Baders. Obviously not.
12/14/08 9:57:02AM
i dont think it was because his stand up was worse i think it was because apparently Bader is very strong
12/14/08 11:16:30AM
i have no idea how he got caught by that. He should have ducked out and maybe work his jab more. Vinny needs to go to a good standup camp and work his butt off. I dont see Bader making a huge difference in the 205, he's just a weak version of Rashad Evans.
12/15/08 12:33:09AM

he's just a weak version of Rashad Evans

And you call urself an MMA fan.... Rashad is not in the same legue as Bader as far as wrestling. Bader is also alot more powerfull then Rashad ever thought of being lol... I wouldn't be surprised if Bader does very well in the 205 division as long as he eventually gets out of tempee and goes to a gym where he can polish up his stand up that need alot of work, but give him time he (he's only 25 years old) will be a force in the LHW division. Congrats to him and good luck to him and his carear.
12/15/08 1:01:47AM
Why when he gets out of Tempe?

The Lally brothers are both highly accomplished kickboxers and mixed martial artists from back in the day, and Gustavo Dantas is a world class BJJ competitor. Not to mention training alongside Carlos Condit, Jamie Varner, and numerous other up and coming MMA fighters/K-1 fighters. There's a reason why ACS is starting to get their name out there, and as these fighters develop the camp name will be synonymous with other names like ATT, AKA, and Xtreme Couture. You can pretty much be rest assured this is the case. I mean, if ACS wasn't a good camp why would they have 2 finalists 2 seasons in a row on TUF? Also- why would they have the highest win % record of any camp out there?
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