"Darth" Bader vs. Jon "Bones"

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9/23/10 1:44:03AM
Ok I was thinkin, seein some posts about how Bader is foolish to stand with Lil Nog, but how Bones would walk through him and I gotta think hmmmmm...........both of these young TALENTED fighters still have some questions attached to their name.

They both come from a wrestling background, but both are on win streaks by dominant performances, mostly KO's. IMO this is simply a toss-up to who lands the punch 1st or who lands in the dominant position 1st. Both have KO power, TDD, and pretty decent cardio.

What does the playground think of this matchup?
9/23/10 2:57:42AM
Bones...speed, reach, footwork, and a more diverse striking arsenal.
9/23/10 8:25:01AM
His Greco-Roman base seems to be bane of freestyle wrestlers' existence, so far anyway. Bader I'd say is a better wrestler than Vera and Matyushenko, but his reach and striking would give him huge problems.
9/23/10 10:35:31AM
I honestly don't think Bader would last past the second round. He hasn't really impressed me that much with his fights.
9/23/10 10:45:56AM
I think Jones is a bit ahead of Bader, atm, but if Bader defeats Lil' Nog I might change my mind.
9/23/10 2:22:42PM
Bones would destroy Bader
9/24/10 12:37:31PM
Bones is the future! Ufc biggest prospect they have

He and winner of bader/lil nog will fight. New years card. For next title shot
9/30/10 5:12:13PM
I'm a HUGE Bader fan (see my avatar) but I do think Bones would destroy him. I don't think Jones could finish him, but he'd give Bader a beating for 15 minutes. I don't want to see this fight happen yet though, that would just screw up the path for a title for one of these two young contenders.

What I want to see:

Bones .vs. Rampage

Bader .vs. Ortiz
10/1/10 5:34:17PM
I think all Bader has in this fight is punching power hope for a miracle to land one to test Jones chin. But other then that Iwouldnt be suprised if Jones took him down and dominated but i think greg jackson would stay away from wrestling and make jones play it safe and outpoint him for a decision.
10/1/10 11:10:03PM
i think this fight may get scratched bcause useally the ufc dont wanna put 2 top prospects against eachother. like how they scratched Carwin vs Velaquez at UFC 104.
10/1/10 11:26:39PM
Bader/Jones winner vs Rampage/Machida winner 4 title shot.
10/5/10 10:00:17PM
Bader is going to have a tough time dealing with Bones Jones' speed. If he closes the distance, I think he's going to have a tough time dealing with his technique. Tough fight no matter how he handles it.
10/11/10 9:24:58AM
I'm calling it now. Jon Jones vs. Phil Davis for the light heavyweight title in 2011!
10/12/10 11:21:32AM
This is the kind of matchup that is going to be good. Bader has good wrestling ,a good chin, and good hands. While Jones is known for his power, long reach(much longer than anyone in the LHW division), and his akward, but accurate spinning elbows, kicks, and punches.
Jones' elbows are scary as hell and i have to give him the edge. We've seen him dismantle stand-out wrestlers before, the most memorable being Hammil(even though he got DQ'ed). I say Jon via TKO in the 1st.
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