Darkstar One: Broken Alliances

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9/8/12 1:44:34PM
Anyone play this? Picked it up for the Xbox the other day as it was fairly cheap. Its a combination of a flight sim and an action RPG. You fly a ship from solar system to solar system doing various missions like sabotage a freighter, steal a cargo container, kill a pirate, etc. Then theres always a main story about the pilots father and intergalactic strife in general. You can build your character however you want and be a pirate and space murderer or a simple trader flying cargo from port to port.

Your ship is a special experimental craft that is part organic, so it can absorb alien artifacts that upgrade the ship and make it larger and better outfitted. Plus you buy different parts for the ship, weapons, defense systems, etc. It's simple, but really in-depth at the same time, and a great title if you're looking for something different.
9/8/12 1:49:47PM
Is this from the Xbox Live Arcade, or something you picked up at the store?
9/8/12 1:50:39PM
From the store. It's a few years old so I got it used for fairly cheap.
9/8/12 1:51:59PM
Sounds interesting, I might have to check it out. I love cheap, unknown titles more often than not, and this one sounds pretty good. Thanks for the info Svar.
9/8/12 1:58:38PM
Personally I've never played . But I know a few people that love this game.

Now that you mention it I'll have to check it out
9/8/12 2:32:53PM
I've only logged maybe 10-15 hours on it, and it has the potential to get stale down the road, but so do all open world games. I just like that it's something fresh, rather than another action RPG which is all I really play.
9/9/12 11:37:36AM
Sounds awesome, I may get this now. It sounds a bit litk Free Lancer from a ways back, which was an awesome space piloting game...not enough RPG component to it though so this sounds excellent.