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5/22/12 8:25:20PM
So I read this article where a guy was making his predictions on TDKR so I figured I would start a thread for people to make their predictions and that it would be fun to look at to see how possibly way off or pretty on we were about it come July 20.


So as for my predictions I would have to say Bane does break Wayne's back but I wouldn't go as far as to say that he kills Batman. With Batman's back being broke he has to pass the torch to someone and I think that person will be Joseph Gordon Levitt aka John Blake aka Azrael. With this also being said I think the new Batman will defeat Bane by the end of the movie because I don't think Bane will win and then terrorize Gotham and control it for years to come.

Also, since Warner Bros. have already announced their plans to re-boot the series with Nolan on as producer but does that mean they will re-boot it like the new Spider-Man that is coming out? I don't think so. I think it will now just be a new Batman(John Blake) and they will use the same universe.

So what are your guys' predictions for TDKR? I know this is still early as the movie comes out in about 2 months but this article just got me thinking and I had to put it somewhere.
5/22/12 9:12:24PM
Hines Ward scores a touchdown.
5/22/12 9:23:50PM
This franchise (along with the Tim Burton mess) is a disgrace to the comics.

Along with the Godfather saga, one of the most overrated-over hyped "films" ever to hit celluloid.

5/22/12 11:14:27PM
I think Batman's gonna die at the end. No matter what I can't wait for this movie!
5/22/12 11:32:15PM
A little Justice league anyone??
5/23/12 5:39:55AM

Posted by Chael_Sonnen

This franchise (along with the Tim Burton mess) is a disgrace to the comics.

Along with the Godfather saga, one of the most overrated-over hyped "films" ever to hit celluloid.

Chael loves Batman.
5/23/12 5:45:18AM
I think Batman gets his back broken by Bane, and The new cop guy becomes Batman Forever. And takes Bane out.

I also think The Prestige is the prequel to Batman Begins. And that this film is the part of a magician's act when they take the extraordinary thing and make it disappear. But then they bring it back without you knowing how.
5/23/12 6:54:35AM
I agree with Chrissabal with the John Blake deal. They may go the comic route and make him Azrael. That seems to be the popular opinion.

I'm interested in seeing a reboot as well. It's real soon to be saying that I know but for me the Batman movies are almost their. I've yet to see one I really think have done the comics justice but that can be said with a lot of these super hero movies.That's not saying neither BB or DK is bad,for me personally though I think we will see much better Batman movies in the coming years.

I think the perfect film falls somewhere between the style of Batman 89 and Nolans take.
5/23/12 8:52:14PM
I'm actually a fan of these Nolan Batman movies. I like the darkness of the films a lot more then the goofy shitty ones that had Clooney and Arnold.
5/23/12 9:36:57PM
I predict that the film will be quite terrible.
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