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4/9/07 1:47:30AM
Kendalls choke was legit, i just had never seen it before, is that how it is spelled.....and why has it never been used??
4/9/07 7:16:07AM
4/9/07 1:13:52PM
Yeah, its a legit choke, but rarely used in non-gi competition because its pretty hard to lockout without sleeves to grip onto.
4/10/07 3:31:03AM
Yeah, it doesn't come up often. Thats the only time I can remember someone tapping to one, and I can only remember one other person going for one. Its pretty tough to get, especially if you have short arms. Now that I think about it, Kendalls build is perfect for that choke.
4/10/07 10:17:36PM
He claimed its his bread and butter...maybe we will see it a lot more often ...seeing as how Kendall will be the next champion.
4/10/07 10:27:17PM
I was pulling it off all night against one of my partners... decent choke, uses less strength than the anaconda from quarter position...
7/14/07 7:31:36PM
Good video, it really helped me wrap my mind around the choke
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