danzig vs mach

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3/4/07 6:49:30PM
i just saw this fight again, does anybody else think it was an early stoppage?
sure danzig got knocked down, but he wasn't ktfo.. he was intelligently defending himself IMO
3/4/07 6:51:12PM
every UFC fight there is atleast one early stop...cc vs eddie was the last one

the perfect stopage was shogun vs overeem 2. pride refs are normally better at stops in general
3/4/07 7:05:05PM
I don't think it was early. Danzig was definately dazed and Mach was going in for the kill. He may not have been out cold, but I think Mach could have done some damage. It's one of those stoppages where someone could have gotten hurt, or if they let it go, he possibly could have recovered.
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